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J.M. Gorisse Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name: Drs. Ing. MA. J.M. (Niels) Gorisse
Date of birth: 29 March 1978
Nationality: Dutch
Gender: Male


I am a Senior Java software developer, who worked more than eleven years as professional Java software engineer, six years as developer of a commercial Java program during my studies, and I completed two studies (one cum laude). My main skill is to learn and adapt to technical and social environments in a very short time, which is why I am specifically interested in dynamic projects with a lot of variation.

In 2016 and 2017 I wrote reactive applications for a theatre display screen and a super multi-user e-mail client, and VertxUI. From 2012 up to 2016 I worked on a backoffice and frontoffice system where (water)measurements from hardware (in the field) are imported and visualized for end-customers. This system uses a range of modern software technologies.

In 2011 I worked on a CMS package with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Google App Engine -Google's own Java cloud platform- and in 2010 I developed Sokati.

I worked four years (2006-2009) as a seconded Java software developer for the company 'Be-Value' (bought by Ordina), which enabled me to gain experience with tools and techniques that matter in business environments. The projects were always Java/J2EE related and most often based on JBoss/Oracle, and varied from work for a big publisher in London on the native XML-database X-hive/Tomcat, to work for a electricity-salescompany on a JBoss/Oracle environment. I have seen many Java-related tools (from MyEclipse to Maven2), worked on a lot of different projects (from SOAP implementations to JSF front-ends) and I am used to easily switch between them.

I developed CPS (2000-2006) during my studies: a huge Java/C++ program. This did not only gained international respect, but also generated enough income for me as a student. I learned to develop software professionally, to quickly explore and use external libraries, and I also learned also several important softs kills like: communicate clearly with customers, write and continuously update documentation, and keep lectures at universities abroad.

I completed two studies: AudioDesign (specialism software development, cum laude), and Computer Science (specialism algorithms) at the Utrecht University.

Relevant skills and experience


Additional Skills

In my spare time, I am always very busy, doing something with music: performing or rehearsing with one of my bands, or figuring out something sustainable.

Employment experiences

Period: July 2017 - March 2018
Company: Sogeti
Details: Back-end and some front-end work on a huge Wildfly based application for logo and slogan copyright in the Netherlands. A huge framework skeleton from an international copyright organisation, was tweaked for usage inside the Dutch organisation (BBIE). Tools used: Jira and Confluence, Liquibase, Spring 3.2 (MVC, core, security), Mule, Drules, JEE7 (servlets, JAX-RS, JAXB, JPA/hibernate), SVN, Bootstrap, Jenkins.

Period: November 2016 - June 2017
Company: Xelion
Details: Development of a reactive VertX application for showing notifications and information on an enormous display wall, including remote controlling on tablets (Bootstrap), Raspberry PI controlling (Python), reading out security camera and QR-code, and integration with existing calendar software. Also development of a reactive VertX application for very efficient detection of new incoming e-mails for hundreds of imap e-mail accounts simultaneously.

Period: November 2016 - Present
Details: Developed open source VertxUI, a 100% Java 100% asynchronous javascript-less front-end solution, with 100% java Pojo's, realtime browser reloading, a very fast dynamic view on models (with a virtual DOM to make the minimum amount of DOM changes), mixed-language junit testing, and more.

Period: March 2014 - March 2016
Company: Eijkelkamp (Giesbeek)
Position: Software Engineer, Architect
Details: Develop a customer front end where measurement-hardware can be configured, measurements can be shown and calculations can be made. Technologies used includes Tomcat, Hibernate/MySQL, Jenkins and Selenium, JMS and ActiveMQ on an AWS (Amazon Web Services) stack.

Period: March 2012 - March 2014
Company: GeoXplore (Amsterdam)
Position: Software Engineer, Architect
Details: Extend existing tooling software to edit hardware which measures waterlevels pressure temperatures and so on. Also building a backoffice system where this hardware regulary can check in to and leave all measurements. Tomcat7/hibernate and ActiveMQ based.

Period: September 2010 - December 2011
Company: Presenter (Utrecht)
Position: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Google App Engine software engineer
Details: Developing an online CRM package which integrates with Google accounts. Technical activities (partly in a scrum team) included maintaining and improving junior code, building user interfaces blocks and App Engine tasks.

Period: Januari 2010 - September 2010
Company: Bonneville
Position: Architect, Software Engineer
Details: Design and setup project Sokati (http://www.sokati.com), a comprehensive online scheduling software for medical specialists, restaurants, school, theatres and other companies and societies. Although all other business projects before were Java/J2EE, this one is Zend Studio/PHP based. It included the technical design, the algoritm, javascript (Jquery) layout, front-end XHTML/CSS, some Ajax/Javascript, and technical deployment (Apache).

Period: August 2008 - October 2009
Company: TNO (Utrecht; as Be-value employee in 2008, as Ordina employee in 2009)
Position: Java/J2EE Developer
Details: Extend and improve the architecture of the DINO webfront, the database which holds all the drillings in the Dutch ground. The application was a JBoss/Oracle with development in Eclipse and Maven2. The last project for TNO was to create a SOAP (with JAXP/SAAJ) webfront for a specific part of this database.

Period: June 2008 - July 2008
Company: KPN Dutch Telecom (The Hague; as Be-value employee)
Position: Java Developer
Details: Extend the internal helpsystem which is used when customers call for technical problems with their phone or ISDN line. The application was a Tomcat/mySQL deployment environment, with an Eclipse/Spring work environment.

Period: October 2007 - May 2008
Company: PowerHouse (Almere; as Be-value employee)
Position: J2EE developer
Details: Develop an online system to proces the daily orders from electricity producers and consumers. This J2EE project was built with Oracle, Toplink, Tomcat and JSF.

Period: August 2007 - September 2007
Company: Kluwer (Alphen aan Den Rijn; as Be-value employee)
Position: Information analyst, Java Developer
Details: Analyse how metadata is being processed within the existing Kluwer COIN search-project, and after that make the project independent of the Verity/K2 license. This last part was done by combining two Java-projects and to insert a small open-source java project which extracted all metadata from (PDF-, doc- and html-) content .

Period: May 2007 - August 2007
Company: Royal Pharmaceutical Society (London; as Be-value employee)
Position: Technical architect, Java Developer
Details: Formulate practical solutions with the customer to implement an online CMS system to write a medical book with a team of medical journalists, and to implement these solutions. We used the X-hive Docato package -a pure-XML database- as the CMS, which we extended in various obscure ways to make it look like the customer's old system. Examples are: write standalone bulk-importers including taxonomy-showers of the current content, refining WebDav calls to and from the external XML-editors, and provide lists of internal xml-fields for bits of the old external application.

Period: March 2007 - May 2007
Company: Be-Informed (Utrecht; as Be-value employee)
Position: Java Developer
Details: Implement the search facilities for two gouvernment projects ('OO' and 'DCR') inside the existing ICTU Zoekdienst project of company Be-Informed. Activities were: adjusting the extract and index-tools, and extend the indexing-tools with an XQuery engine to remove the need to write extra java-code in future projects.

Period: Januari 2007 - March 2007
Company: Pearson (London; as Be-value employee)
Position: Java Developer
Details: Extend the X-Hive Docato native XML-database to make it usefull for Pearson employees. The adjustments included small things in the Docato-framework, as well as building a standalone importingtool for automated daily updates including automatic filling of required xml-fields.

Period: November 2006 - Januari 2007
Company: Britisch Medical Journal (London; as Be-value employee)
Position: Java Developer
Details: Developing the workflows within the X-hive Docate native XML-database. These workflows were created and extended with a lot of functionality, including sending and receiving (parsing) mail, conversion from and to .doc files, automatic adjusting of workflow-metadata with information filled in by other employees during this workflow, etc. This task also included giving extra technical Java support for the whole project (f.e. global exception handling).

Period: May 2006 - November 2006
Company: Be-Informed (Apeldoorn; as Be-value employee)
Position: Java Developer
Details: Writing a standalone metadata-enrichment tool for a gouvernment-wide search website. This tool added metadata (from databases and xml-files) to downloaded material before it went into the Verity/K2 search-engine. Besides this task, I had to support the installation of the Verity/Autonomy environment on the servers.

Period: Februari 2006 - March 2006
Company: Kadaster (Apeldoorn; as Be-value employee)
Position: Architect and Java Developer
Details: Design and implement a SOAP-service which interconnected local gouvernments and other private institutions that maintain estate information. This webservice was built for a conference on estate projects, which showed how to acquire information from several places during a disaster. It showed information about civilians, owners and similar information. All the institutions used different technical solutions (Java Axis, .NET, plain XML) and they all had to be merged in one single webservice call, which also performed some small geographical calculations.

Period: May 2005 - September 2006
Company: Student-society Biton (Utrecht)
Position: Java/C++/PHP Developer
Details: Design and implementation application 'DJCronnor' (http://djcronnor.sourceforge.net) for playing music from the harddisk (including beatmixing) and controlling the disco-lights in the venue. The tool was based on the software CPS (C++), written in Java and configured in CPS. DJCronnor can also generate .sql statements with the searchable index. Also added a small tool to identify CD's (by TCP access to freecddb.org), and a PHP website where the complete collection is searchable.

Period: Juli 2005 - Januari 2006
Company: Atletiekvereniging Scorpio (Oosterhout)
Position: PHP Developer
Details: Design and implementation of an online subscribe system for youth athletics. Sporters and trainers can subscribe to sport events with the website, and the head of finance could keep track of payments. A small website written in PHP with mySQL.

Period: September 2005 - October 2005
Company: QuadroVision B.V. (Eemnes)
Position: Java Developer
Details: Maintenance on Java servlets (JBoss) and Oracle databases with Toad.

Period: Januari 2000 - December 2006
Company: Bonneville (Utrecht)
Position: Java/C++ Developer
Details: Design and implementation of, support on and sales for application CPS (http://cps.bonneville.nl ). A big sofwareproduct for defining interactions in art-installations, performances and other realtime situations where sound and -interaction is needed. About thousand users in the whole world, including on University's in Italy, England and Japan. Several years of customer-driven development and customer support (from writing example patches to C++ support). Cross-platform development in C++, Java, ranging from low-level libraries (threads and TCP) to high-level methods (creating examples patches, creating a AWT user interface and writing documentation)..

Period: March 1997 - July 1997, June 1998 - July 1998
Company: Electron Holding B.V. (Breda)
Position: Developer
Details: Investigate and write a Word-template based solution for the fact that there is no centralised printed paperwork in the company where 50 people had to write many letters every day (1997). And write a centralised Curriculum Vitae system for the company workers (1998).